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Markets.Online, a regulated broker for all your online trading needs

Markets.Online is a regulated broker offering various forms of high-end online trading solutions. Our partnership with Markets.Online started back in 2018, one year after the broker has been actively serving traders in the financial market. Markets.Online is a broker providing services to thousands of professional and amateur traders and are committed to offering the best trading experience to online traders like you. Our partnership with Markets.Online quickly gained popularity due to the top-notch features provided by the broker.

Key Benefits of trading with Markets.Online:

  1. 1 Spreads as low as 0 PIPS
  2. 2 Precise technical analysis tools
  3. 3 $250 only as a minimum investment
  4. 4 Availability of multiple tradeable assets
  5. 5 Expert support and broad learning academy

Online Trading for ANYONE

From beginner to expert traders, Markets.Online has the ability to cater for all type of traders due to the availability and provision of various trading methods.

Manual Trading

Reserved primarily for experts since manual trading is a trading process that involves human decision-making for entering and exiting trades.

Algorithmic Trading

Never traded before? No problems! Let powerful algorithms take over your trades and avoid all the hard work that comes with manual trading.

A unique partnership for an exclusive offer!

Associating ourselves with Markets.Online allowed us to craft and provide a special package that Markets.Online would offer to members of Global Markets Club. We were more geared towards Algorithmic Trading due to the advantages that algo-trading had over manual trading. Even if technological development facilitated the growth of algorithmic trading, most people in the online trading industry were reluctant to opt for it. Why?

For the simple reason that MANUAL TRADING IS CHEAPER when compared to ALGORITHMIC TRADING!

BUT, we wanted to make Algorithmic Trading more accessible and one way we could achieve that was by working closely with Markets.Online to provide an exclusive package that will allow people to try algorithmic trading at the minimum cost!

Compared to other algorithmic trading providers, Markets.Online was the only regulated broker to provide such services. The package that we created in partnership with them cost $250 ONLY and includes the following:

Two algorithmic
trading software

In order to gain access to the algorithms, a deposit is required on Markets.Online Website. Once the deposit made, you are given access to the algorithms where you will be able to try algorithmic trading for 14 days with money offered to you by Markets.Online.

The two algorithmic trading software, namely, Algo-Currency & Algo-Commodity will use $10,000 each to automatically invest in the market for you. During the 14 days trial phase, you will get the chance to thoroughly test and evaluate the effectiveness of the algorithmic trading software.

Algorithmic trading can cost anywhere between $5000 to $10,000 and we think that you deserve at least a chance to try it before risking your hard-earned money on algorithmic trading and this is why we offer you the chance to try it before you commit.

Trading with Markets.Online

What options do you have when trading with Markets.Online?

Markets.Online offers 3 account types to choose from when trading with them. The only difference between the different account is spread offered to clients. Tighter spreads essentially mean that Markets.Online is charging you less for the services being offered.

Getting started with Markets.Online

Trading with Markets.Online is fairly simple. If you're already a member of Global Markets Club, you already own a Markets.Online as well. You simply need to login to your Global Markets Club account to activate your trial.

If you don't have a Markets.Online account, you can create your account by visiting:

Once an account is created click on "Deposit" at the top right corner of your screen. You will be redirected to Markets.Online Cashier page where you can safely fund your account with a minimum of $250.

To make a card deposit
  • Click on "Credit & Debit Cards"
  • Fill in the required details
  • Click on deposit now
Markets.Online offers two deposit methods.
You can deposit via:
Wire/Bank Transfers
Credit and Debit card

For wire transfers, you will need to visit your bank or you can do it via internet banking.

The information required for the transfer can be obtained by contacting Markets.Online.

Withdrawing funds from your Markets.Online account

To withdraw money from your account, a withdrawal request has to be made via the Markets.Online Cashier page (accessible when you click on deposit). The following form will have to be filled. Withdrawals are sent via wire/bank transfers only.

Can you trust Markets.Online?

Here’s what the web think of our partner


FX Trading Revolution

FX Trading Revolution believes that Markets.Online is a trustworthy broker that provides many different features to help their clients have better trading experience. They would recommend this broker to both beginners and experienced traders because it allows them to learn more about online trading and trade effortlessly at the same time. The trading platform is simple, user-friendly and equipped with all the tools a trader may need.


Universal Finances:

Markets.Online is a secure, trustworthy online broker and is very convenient for beginners. It provides all the useful features that will help the newbies to trade successfully, understand the online trading process and have an amazing trading journey with them.


ProFinance Blog

According to ProFinance Blog, Markets.Online is the ideal online trading platform for traders who want to have good trading experience, learn about the financial market and the different factors affecting financial assets. The platform is user-friendly and provides useful information which helps the traders make the best investing decisions.



Just like any other brokers, Markets.Online has its benefits as well as drawbacks yet eTradingBook agree that is a broker which is worth investing with. The reason being that it is well known, with many active traders globe who are having an awesome online trading experience. Once you have visited their website and registered an account, you will very easily learn how to use the trading platform and the different features you can benefit from.

Is trading with Markets.Online Safe?

Markets.Online is a regulated broker which forces the latter to abide by measures to protect its clients. Markets.Online is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), license number SD022. Trading with a regulated broker is more reliable since the activities of the broker is constantly being monitored to ensure the safety of your funds. You are also protected against any money-laundering.

Want to start trading?

Visit Markets.Online or get in touch with us on [email protected] to get started trading the markets online.

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